About us

Founded in 2015 in Sweden, Kognity was designed to redefine the traditional textbook and supercharge the learning process as we know it, building a digital-first teaching and learning platform with a full 360 experience; including interactive content, analytics and assessment support.

Thousands of schools in over 100 countries use Kognity today to teach their students in and outside of the classroom. We have now developed a platform specifically for high school science students, focusing on phenomena-based and inquiry-led learning.

Our all-in-one platform is designed to elevate teaching and create an inclusive learning environment for students.

Our goal is to empower educators with the tools they need to facilitate impactful teaching, and help them to unlock the full potential of learners all over the world.

We aim to radically improve learning for science students in US high schools

Kognity works hand-in-hand with NGSS and phenomena-based learning Science Educators to accelerate truly progressive learning. We’re here to create an educational experience that’s as engaging as it is uncomplicated – paving the way for learners from all backgrounds to grow, thrive and succeed.