Kognity’s teaching and learning platform for NGSS & phenomena-based science

Kognity  is built for 21st century teaching, by combining physical and virtual activities, all packaged into an engaging and scaffolded journey through the material.

A complete digital solution for teaching high school science

Kognity’s platform provides a complete solution with curriculum, teacher support, professional development, and resources, making it easy to implement NGSS in your school. Our all-in-one solution will help build teachers’ confidence with new content and a new approach to teaching science.

Insights with Kognity

Let real-time data inform your teaching

Real-time insight into student
performance facilitates teacher
intervention and saves time, allowing
you to focus on what matters most –
teaching. Formative assessment and
concept application are integrated into
the content, promoting student agency.

Easy assignments setup with Kognity

Develop and grow together

We provide professional development
customized to individual teacher and
district needs. In the exclusive Kognity
Komunity for teachers you get unlimited
access to NGSS resources, webinars,
media support and more. This is a place
where teachers can collaborate, learn
and share with colleagues!

Interactive Textbooks

Engage with interactive content

Interactive materials, such as simulations, videos and 3D models, centered around anchoring phenomena, help students connect to their world with multiple perspectives. Standards- based materials, promoting student inquiry and connecting science to the real world, are at the heart of Kognity.

Access for all 

Kognity is working towards Level AA compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Kognity NGSS was designed for all learners, because we believe that every student deserves the same opportunity to reach their full learning potential. Our goal is to ensure that all students have equitable access to educational resources in the classroom, regardless of learning level, native language, or social, physical or emotional ability. 

Best-in-class technical support

We’re there with you every step of the way if you or your students need any guidance or support using Kognity.

Kognity offers 24/5 support, with weekend support during peak seasons.

Support is available in English and Spanish worldwide.

Bring science to life with Kognity

Our approach to modern science teaching and learning is based on years of research, crafted alongside hundreds of STEM experts to create an engaging, intuitive and effective platform for our teachers and students.

Find out how Kognity can help take your science department to the next level.