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First year teacher survival guide

We have created a 54-page guide to equip you with all the knowledge you will need to thrive in your all-important new role.


Bringing technology & pedagogy closer together

When it comes to increasing student learning, there is no substitute for great pedagogy. This session will focus on strategies and…

Level Up: Game-based learning and gamification in the classroom

Students love games, and often spend their free time obsessively playing them. How can we as educators harness …

AI and education

AI is already here. We encounter AI on our youtube autoplay, instagram and even google search. How can we move students away …


Welcome to the Future of Science Education in America

A new style of science pedagogy is better preparing students for college, careers, and citizenship. Think of Kognity as “the way in.”

Retrieval practice: How low-stakes quizzes can help students learn

Retrieval practice is the act in which you allow your brain to struggle to come up with information that has already been learned but …

Feedback in the moment: Using feedback to improve student learning

Teachers are constantly on the lookout for teaching strategies that produce the best outcomes for their students. There are a variety of …

Education in 2021: A brave new world for schools?

While a number of vaccines have been developed that will counter the impact of Coronavirus and are the hope for the future, many countries …

Sustainable development: What does it mean for schools?

In many countries throughout the world governments have been forced to put people in lockdowns to try and stop the spread of the …

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