Kognity System Requirements

The Kognity platform & Kommunity works with all desktop operating systems e.g. Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS. There is no need for a client or workstation install as it is browser based.

Browsers supported

We support the following browsers:

* Google Chrome
* Mozilla Firefox
* Safari
* Microsoft Edge

We require enabling/allowing the following:

  • Browser Cookies (enabling users to login)
  • Javascript (enables by default)

Screen resolution

Resolution of at least 1366 x 768
Dimensions of at least 9 inches

The platform experience is maximized with a desktop resolution but also works well on smaller screens such as tablets.



The Kognity platform & Kommunity require a stable internet connection (wifi or mobile data). For an individual user we’d recommend at least a 4 MBps connection to make use of all interactive elements and videos in our product.

Note: Should your device not support the standards listed above, or you are using an old version of the listed browsers, you may still be able to make use of our platform. Should you encounter issues, however, we will ask that you upgrade your device to a supportable level for assistance in resolving any challenges you encounter.